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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) …

We answer the most frequently asked questions about Wedding Magicians:

How Much Do You Charge?
We do not charge you for our services. As we provide our performers with regular work, we are able to negotiate discounted (wholesale) prices from our magicians and then hire them out for the normal (retail) fee. Therefore we are able to provide a first class service, finding the perfect magician for your wedding at no extra cost to you!

How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost?
The price for a wedding magician to entertain is worked out on an individual basis. It all depends on the amount of time required, the number of guests attending , the venue location and of course your budget. You can read a full guide on wedding magician prices here. To receive a free no obligation quote, please contact us we are happy to help.

How Long Will The Magician Entertain For?
Wedding Magicians are usually booked for 1, 2, or 3 hours depending on the number of guests. One Wedding Magician can entertain 50 to 150 guests in 2 hours.

Where Are You Based / Which Areas Do You Cover?
We have excellent contacts in the Magic world and regularly supply wedding magicians in all areas of the United Kingdom. We always use the closest wedding magicians to your venue location to keep costs to a minimum.

Who Will I Get When I Book?
When you get in touch about our wedding magicians, we will contact the nearest magicians to your venue and will check availability. This keeps traveling expenses to a minimum so you get the best price possible. You will receive a full description, profile and videos / photos regarding all of the recommended wedding magicians available.

How Do We Pay?
All bookings are confirmed online. Once you have confirmed, a deposit is to be paid by Cheque, Bacs PayPal or Credit / Debit card. The balance is payable 2 weeks before the event – see terms for details (these are clearly outlined at the time of booking too, no small print).

What Do The Magicians Do In Their Routine?
Close-Up Wedding Magicians entertain with small objects such as cards, coins, elastic bands and use sleight of hand to mystify the audience. Mind reading (PIN numbers etc), fork bending, pick-pocketing and hypnosis may all be featured in the routine too depending who you choose / is available.  It really is “under your nose” magic and uses lots of audience participation – the magic sometimes happens in your hands!

When Do The Wedding Magicians Perform?  What Time Of Day?
Here are the most popular options:

Drinks Reception / Photos

Mix and Mingle magic directly after the ceremony during the photographs / drinks reception.

This option is sure to amaze and entertain guests at a time where there would otherwise be a lull. Having magic during the photos is a perfect way to keep your guests happy.

Table Magician At The Wedding Breakfast

Close-up table magic in between the courses of the wedding breakfast.

Help your guests break the ice and really get into the party spirit with close-up illusions performed right before their eyes.

After The Speeches - Before The Band / Disco

This option creates a fantastic atmosphere not only with the daytime guests, but also with family and friends that arrive early for the evening reception. This is a popular option, as things usually need livening up after the speeches and close-up magic at this time is perfect to allow a smooth transition between the daytime and the evening events.

What Do I Do Next?
To receive a FREE no obligation quote, please click here and fill in the form.

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