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Wedding Magician Hire – The best in the business!

So you are getting married and want to keep everyone entertained and amused?  Well hiring a wedding magician will do just that – they will astound you and your guests and will leave a lasting impression.  Who better to advise you regarding wedding magician hire  than our small team of Professional Wedding Magicians.  We offer the best possible advice based on first hand experience gained over 20+ years in the business.  We have a diverse range of highly skilled magicians including  close-up sleight of hand magicians, table magicians, mind readers (PIN numbers, thought of names etc) , pickpocket magicians, card cheat experts plus much more.

Our awesome wedding magician team are all of “Magic Circle” skill level, many have won top awards and some have even appeared on television!.  We have helped thousands of clients hire the perfect wedding magician, including top wedding planners, wedding industry experts, well known A-List celebrities and of course countless “bride and grooms to be”.

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We have helped thousands of bride and groom’s to hire a wedding magician – you could be the next to benefit from our extensive knowledge and passion for wedding magic.

So if you are getting hitched or planning the wedding entertainment on behalf of a couple and are looking for a wedding magician for hire – please get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to help.  Please send us all of the relevant wedding information using the quick contact form and we’ll get in touch with exact details of the best magician in your area and the exact price – there are never any extra or hidden costs.

Why choose our Wedding Magician Hire service when there are so many “magicians” out there?
We offer superb advice and are quick and friendly too – there is absolutely no obligation to book, though we think it’s wise if you do 🙂  Wedding Magic is our passion – we know how well a brilliant wedding magician is received at weddings and we are very happy to help you to book yours!  Please read more about the benefits of our wedding magician hire service here – why us?