Wedding magician prices.

How much does a wedding magician cost?

As with every service or product, wedding magician prices vary on a number of factors which we can cover for you now.

Skill level, experience and accolades

A wedding magician who has appeared on TV, won major awards and has honed his/her skill over 20 years+ will without doubt cost more than a start up “magician” who has bought a few tricks off the internet, is used to performing for friends and family and is looking for experience. Here at we only use wedding magicians of Magic Circle (London) standard and those who have won top industry awards. Out of this sector of magicians we have spent the last 20 years getting to know performers who are reliable, personable and highly entertaining, as well as being polite, fun and professional at all times.

Professional, Semi Pro or Amateur Wedding Magician Prices

It is extremely important to hire a full time professional magician for your wedding day as it is your special once in a lifetime day.  Professionals will undoubtedly give your event full attention and will go above and beyond your expectations as it’s their living and livelihood at stake.  Semi professionals & amateur magicians can be excellent for birthday parties etc but probably not worth the risk for your wedding.  Remember a professional has to be good enough and popular enough to earn a living, semi pro’s and amateurs will have other income to live on and may have other commitments which impact on preparation and performance. Another important thing to remember is that most UK venues require Public Liability Insurance which a professional will certainly have in place.

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No matter how good a magician is, we can’t be in two places at once!  Therefore how popular a magician is will affect the rates they are willing to attend an event for.  The most popular magicians have repeat high-end corporate clients as well as private engaged couples filling their diary.  Therefore they can command higher fees to secure them for your event date and with good reason too.

Day of the week & Time of Year

This is covered above as it all comes down to popularity.  Friday night, Saturday and Sundays are considered peak time and as a result will most likely be priced higher than a mid week event.  Also the time of the year can affect the price of a wedding magician as Christmas and Summer are always busy and most sought after.  At the naturally quieter times of the year, a discounted rate may be offered and the wedding magician prices will be cheaper.

Areas covered

We have magicians covering all of the UK and know that average prices for magicians and wedding magicians varies depending on location.  As you’d expect magicians in London and Manchester for example tend to receive higher fees than in small towns and rural locations and it’s sometimes more cost effective to look outside the area for a magician who is willing to travel.  Also, if one of our wedding magicians is already near your venue on the date in question they will usually offer a great price to tie the two events together.  We know the best wedding magicians to hire in all areas of the UK to get you the best prices possible.

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How long / how many guests?

The more guests you have the longer you will need to book to make sure everyone see the magician.  Most magicians work performing close-up magic at weddings for 1, 2 or 3 hours.   1 hour is perfect for up to around 30 guests, from 30 – 150 guests 2 hours is ideal, and for 150 – 200 guests, 3 hours is suggested.  At weddings of 200+ guests a team of magicians would be required. It goes without saying that the longer you book the more the wedding magician prices will increase.

So roughly how much does it cost to hire a wedding magician?

The price for a high quality, reliable and professional magician who we can fully recommend to you for your big day starts from around £200 pounds for 1 hour & £300 pounds for 2 hours up to £1000+ pounds for top rated magicians who have been on TV.  If you’d like to hire Dynamo for your wedding we heard on the grapevine that his rates were £30k pounds for 30 minutes – which they may well be, but maybe that’s just rumour!  Taking all of the points into account that we have already run through, we always get the best possible magician in your area that fits your budget requirements.

I’ve been quoted a lot cheaper!

We could easily supply cheaper magicians starting from around £50 – £100, however we don’t for several very good reasons – we would not have the 5* reputation that we have if we did.  You get what you pay for and it can be very embarrassing if guests are less than impressed by the magician!  It is also possible that agents and “entertainer finder” websites quote low prices to get the clicks / enquiries in, then extras are added such as travel, accommodation, VAT so it’s not as good as you first thought.  We do not add hidden extras or quote low unrealistic prices.

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Are wedding magician prices flexible?  Can I negotiate?

Yes and no, at we always offer the best possible rate for the available magicians right from the start, that way it is fair to everyone who gets in touch.  However, if your budget doesn’t quite match up there may be flexibility in the types of routine they’ll perform or the timescale they will attend for to allow a little room for manoeuvre.

Value for money

It’s safe to say that whether you book a magician for £300 or £1000 through, we will most certainly deliver value for money.  We look after you from the very first enquiry all the way through to your big day and can offer friendly help and advice at no extra cost to you.  Our team of expert wedding magicians offer us discounted rates in exchange for regular work so we are able to offer great rates and unbeatable service.


So we hope that this article helps you with your wedding budgeting and planning and if you would like exact wedding magician prices for your big day, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are all full time professional wedding magicians and are on hand to answer your questions.